Where have you LandID?


A Mobile platform designed to capture the images and stories of physical locations that shape your life.

We treasure the ground where explorers and astronauts have "landed." Landing is a process - finding good ground, planting a flag, recounting the journey, inviting generations to follow…

Where have you LandID?


What You Saw

Generations come and go while significant physical places remain. What if they could speak? Go. Land in places that matter to you. Capture what you saw and where you stood!


Why you LandID

Share the significance of the location – record your own history “in place” for generations to read, retrace and remember. Tell us where you've Landid and why!


Data To Find Your Way Back

Why should the future have to wonder where you stood? Lock in the date, time, and all geo-coordinates. Share so that others can precisely retrace your steps and your stories.